GOLD Proposal Package


You must make sure your writing sample shines

“Your mama may have told you that “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” And so it is with book proposals. Acquisition editors see literally hundreds each year, so it is crucial for authors to communicate essential information succinctly, completely and professionally in order to stand out. I can’t tell you how many proposals I’ve read that I still had no idea what the book was about after reading 30 pages. Those proposals go nowhere.”


GOLD Proposal Package

The GOLD Package includes a written evaluation of your proposal and a 30-minute phone consultation with an AuthorTalk™ agent. After submitting your completed proposal, a professional literary agent from AuthorTalk will be notified and will contact you within ten business days to schedule your phone consultation.

Several days before your call, you will receive a customized, in-depth evaluation of your proposal, with specific section-by-section recommendations for how to improve it. The 30-minute phone consultation is designed for you to ask questions and gain insights and tools to perform a strategic rewrite of your proposal. Upon completion of the GOLD Package, an AuthorTalk™ agent will edit a maximum 3,000 word writing sample from one chapter of your book.

GOLD Package Includes:

  • An industry appropriate book proposal in a format that publishers prefer

  • Written evaluation of your proposal

  • 30-minute phone consultation with an AuthorTalk™ agent

  • 3,000 Word Writing Sample Edit

Total Investment: $497.00