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SILVER Proposal Package


You have one chance to make a great first impression. 

“Literary agents & publishers see hundreds of proposals. Competition is so keen that most are rejected after the first paragraph. Authors are well advised not to underestimate this critical step. The months & years they have spent writing their book — and their dream of publication — hinges on a quality proposal.”


SILVER Proposal Package

The SILVER Proposal Package includes a written evaluation of your proposal and a 30-minute phone consultation with an AuthorTalk™ agent. After submitting your completed proposal, a professional literary agent from AuthorTalk™  will be notified and will contact you within ten business days to schedule your phone consultation.

Several days before your call, you will receive a customized, in-depth evaluation of your proposal, with specific section-by-section recommendations for how to improve it. The 30-minute phone consultation is designed for you to ask questions and gain insights and tools to perform a strategic rewrite of your proposal.

SILVER Package Includes:

  • An industry appropriate book proposal in a format that publishers prefer

  • Written evaluation of your proposal

  • 30-minute phone consultation with an AuthorTalk™ agent


Total Investment: $447.00